2013 at Clarawi so far - 2013-08-29

Just a quick note on what's been happening at Clarawi this year: 28 February 2013 - Meira Tamir was born 2-5 July 2013 - Wilna with Magnum, Monique on Talara and Lindie on Fudge finishes Fauresmit - Well Done! 22 July 2013 - Clarawi welcomes two new Jack Russel puppies on the farm.. Bandit and Sky 14 August 2013 - Clarawi Welcomes L... more

Busy few weeks at Clarawi - 2012-03-02

It's been quite a busy few weeks at Clarawi.Three foals has been born in the past few weeks.. First out was Joa-Mon Dhakhira. A beautiful little chestnut filly born on Monday the 13th of February. Cheznoun is the proud father and Shani the dam. Meira Sharaf popped out very sneakily the night of the 23rd of February. A huge colt and poor ... more

Meira Waqi - the Christmas Colt - 2012-01-03

Meira Waqi was born on Christmas morning. He is a cheeky little colt. Proud mommy is Denven Shakira and his sire is Shaheer Magica.  We can't wait for this little fella to grow up. Can't yet decide whether he will stay this colour or will eventually be a grey like his dam.    ... more

Newest edition at Clarawi - 2011-10-17

Meira Xanadu was born on Thursday the 5th of October 2011. Proud mommy Smilde Midnight Sensation is very protective over the little one!   ... more