Clarawi Endurance warm is situated on Kameelzynkraal, in the Kungwini district. The farm is around 58 hectare big and is mainly use for horses. Horses spend the days in herds in paddocks from 5 hectares up to 30 hectares.

There are currently around 40 horses on the farm of which 26 are stabled and the rest stay outside.

The Farm is also home to the Meira Arabian stud.

Stabling available at our endurance yard. We have training groups for young, upcoming horses, as well as training groups for those that want to compete. We have nice routes that we exercise on that include hills and we do around 30 kilometers on a Saturday morning.

We also cater for the hacker and general horse lover.

Each horses food is adapted for his/her specific needs as well as training schedule.

We are situated 3 kilometres from where the Lynnwood road ends at the Bapsfontein/Bronshorspruit (R25) road.