Stabling available at our endurance yard. We have training groups for young, upcoming horses, as well as training groups for those who wants to compete. We have excellent routes for exercising that include hills, rocky areas and long straights. We do around 30 kilometres on a Saturday morning at speeds adjusted to the horses� fitness levels.

We also cater for the hacker and general horse lover.

Each horse�s food is adapted for his/her specific needs as well as training schedule.

Stabling in an pleasant and airy stable is R2200.00 per month. For those who prefer to keep horses outside, the monthly cost is R1800.00. This include grass, feed and grooming. Farrier, vet, deworming, supplements, etc are extra.

In daytime they walk in groups in large paddocks. Paddock size ranges from 10 to 30 hectares big.

Very relaxed farm atmosphere with 24hour supervision.